To provide a lifelong hassle-free home ownership experience to each and every customer.
We are building a world brimming with unlimited possibilities, deliver excellence with cutting edge technology, innovation and leverage professional competence with a pragmatic business plan. Sona developer  believe in delivering value to all stakeholders who enhance the value of life. We aim to create homes, office, retail spaces, Commercial spaces and business environments that uphold unparalleled quality and stay eternal


A home is a once in a life time investments for everyone, where generations of a family lives, so when you are investing for a lifetime you need a company you can trust. With a reputation built around honesty and passion, we at sona developers  have a vision to turn everyone's dream into reality, with the help of technological innovations. We build homes not only pleasing to the eye, affordable and comfortable to live in, but also proved to be sound investment proposition for our customers. A new world brought into being. One where resources are endless. And so is peace. Where dreams are lived out every single day. And passions are a way of life. Where work is what you love. And happiness defines your status in life. We believe to lead the future with a strong belief of conducting business with integrity.

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