We Provide world class service:

Value added service a progressive, future-focused, Indian real estate company that is at the cutting edge of its industry. Its high levels of integrity and dedication have made the company one of the most respected real estate developers. It is a pioneer in conceiving and executing large sophisticated real estate projects in both commercial and corporate segments, bringing together the unmatched experience & expertise of India's most reputed business conglomerates sona deveploers doesn’t just create masterpieces in the construction domain and leave it at that. It realizes that the continuous upkeep of the asset is as important as creating it. The Value Added Services division of the Group ensures that all post completion activities needed to ensure that the property gives continuous and  maximum value are undertaken. The division also liaises between various allied agencies like interior designers, landscape planners and utility providers so that the client can completely customize the property. So sona deveploer is with you all the way, building lasting relationships.


With a vast portfolio of commercial and IT space, sona deveploer provides to all its clients a free Project Management Service. This service includes assistance in short listing of vendors, architects, contractors. Once the team has been selected by the clients , sona deveploer further is included in the complete hand holding process for the turn key job , executed by a third party. With time of great essence in any commercial or leasing deal,Sona  Developers have an enviable track record of ahead of schedule delivery of all our projects till date.

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